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Silverio Construction

posted on March 18, 2013

Eric, son of Jack Silverio, came to us looking to update his dad’s box truck and pick up truck, which hadn’t been lettered since 2001 and was showing it’s age.  Back then, things were done with cut vinyl and had multiple layers to make your drop shadow effects and outlines. It was time to design a full color marketing billboard.

We started off by giving his old  logo an update. He wanted to make sure that we kept the design as close to original as possible but also bring the style up to today’s time. Keeping the boldness of his colors, reds, blues and black, we had a great base. After going in and adding a few effects to the lettering, we had ourselves a nice design. Jack asked if we were able to take some photos of jobs that he had done to advertise some services he offered instead of writing them out like every other contractor does. Our answer to that was “Yes,” great idea.

We did a partial wrap design to the pick up truck. The box truck was a different story. After stripping the 12 year old vinyl off, it left a light fade due to the sun beating up the sides of the box, so we decided to fully wrap the sides and back of the box truck.


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